BioGenex eFISH Probes

In FISH procedure, fixed tissue sections are pretreated to expose target DNA or mRNA sequences. An appropriately labeled probe is hybridized to the exposed target DNA or mRNA sequences in the cells. Subsequent stringent washing steps remove any probe that is non-specifically bound to the tissue section. Subsequently slides are mounted using DAPI/antifade and can be visualized under fluorescence microscope using appropriate filter set.

Chromosome Enumeration Probes are designed for identification and enumeration of human chromosomes in interphase cells and as an adjunct to standard karyotyping in metaphases. These probes will produce sharp, bright signals specific for each individual chromosome.

Correct treatment of tissues prior to and during fixation, embedding, and sectioning is important for obtaining optimal results. Inconsistent results may be due to variations in tissue processing, as well as inherent variations in tissue. The results from in situ hybridization must be correlated with other laboratory findings.


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